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Wire Mesh Packings

Finepac Structures brings forth high efficiency Wire Mesh Packings. Our Wire Mesh Packings offer high capacity and low pressure drop. Our Wire Mesh Packing is manufactured from woven wire mesh to provide the most efficient packing surface required for line chemicals separations. We offer our Wire Mesh Packings at industry leading prices.



Available In

  • WM5.0M (Surface Area 500m/m ) :
    • High no of theoretical stages per unit height
  • WM 7.5L (Surface Area 750m/m) :
    • Maximum no of Theoretical stages per unit height


  • High efficiency

  • Facilitate superior separation with smaller column heights

  • Low pressure drop across the bed results in lower bottom temperatures

  • Energy savings

  • Cost-effective

  • Lower liquid hold-up

  • Lessens heat load requirement


  • Distillation towers

  • Absorption and Stripping (where high capacity and numerous stages are needed)

  • Heat transfer (refinery fractionators and olefin plant quench columns)


Finepac Tyres Surface Area (Sq. m. / cu. m.) F-Factor No. of Theoretical Stages per meter ht. (NTSM)*
1.25 L/M 125 3.5 1.0
1.70 L 170 3.0 1.5
2.00 L 200 2.7 2.0
2.50 L 250 2.2 2.3
3.50 L 350 1.8 2.8
5.00 L 500 1.5 3.8
7.50 L 750 1.2 4.5
W M 5.0 M 500 2.2 6
W M 7.5 L 750 1.5 9
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Wire Guage Structured Packing

We offer Wire Mesh Packings that are uniquely structured and built in compliance with the international standards to work efficiently. We manufacture all our Wire Mesh Packings with the high grade raw material for better durability and stability.


Wire Mesh Structured Packing

Finepac Structures presents the clients with the Wire Mesh Packings that are high on efficiency to the usage of the high grade raw materials in the production procedures which enables longer lasting performance and better functionality.


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