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Oil & Gas Internal Product

Oil & Gas Internal Product

We are a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of process systems for a wide range of Oil & Gas Internal Products. We custom-build all our processing systems to meet both clients specifications and demands of onsite conditions. The scope of supply includes design of columns internals for fixed and floating production systems, gas/liquid/solid separation equipment, gas conditioning and liquid processing equipment, computational fluid dynamic studies and heat exchanger equipment. While every installation is unique, each system built benefits from our extensive experience. Vane Pack Vane Pack is designed to separate entrained liquid from gas stream. The basic design consideration is particle size of the liquid droplets entrained & physical properties of the fluid to estimate pressure drop throughout & efficiency.

  • Vane Pack offers a complete range of efficient vane packs for both horizontal & vertical flow.
  • Size of mist droplets which Finepac separate= 10um or larger (under atmospheric pressure maximum pressure drop 10 bar.)

Vane Inlet Device

  • The vane type inlet device dissipates the momentum of the inlet gas via a change in direction & velocity hence allowing more efficient separation via the main separation internal.
  • Vane type inlet device reduces gas velocities flowing over the liquid surface preventing re-entertainment of previously collected liquid off the liquid surface.

Baffles In liquid-liquid separation, it is essential to achieve laminar flow through Vessel. Perforated Plates are used to promote this condition. Baffles Plates can have either single or multiple skins (Double Plate). Demister Pad (Mesh Pad)

  • In the most familiar application of knitted mesh, the crimped strips are stacked to form a pad with typical thickness of four or six inches.
  • Rigidity is provided by a frame usually metal consisting of a grid on each side and rods passing through the mesh. Pads larger than about three feet across are fabricated in sections narrow enough to pass through a man way for assembly inside a vessel.

Such mesh can efficiently capture mist droplets as small as 5 microns (micrometers)

  • Sand Set System

  • Vane Inlet Device

  • Vane Pack