Finepac Structures Pvt Ltd

Column Packings

Finepac Structures Pvt Ltd is a well-known Manufacturer, Exporter and Importer of premium quality Column Packings. The Column Packings offered by us are suitable for heat transfer, absorption and stripping applications in oil & gas, petrochemical and chemical industries. The unequaled shape and external geometry of these Column Packings forbid it from interlocking and confirm the entropy and most favorable surface area in the packed bed. Further, we make available these Column Packings in low-pressure drop, plugging resistant and low bed height types. Clients can also avail customized Column Packings from us as per their requirements.

Applications :
  • Heat transfer (refinery fractionators and olefin plant quench columns)
  • Absorption and Stripping (where high capacity and numerous stages areneeded)
  • Distillation towers

Features :
  • Facilitate superior separation with smaller column heights
  • High efficiency
  • Energy savings
  • Lessens heat load requirement
  • Low pressure drop across the bed results in lower bottom temperatures
  • Lower liquid hold-up
  • Cost-effective

Market Areas :
Delivering bulge array of products in limited time frame has carved a niche in the markets of India and other abroad countries like Indonesia, Russia, Korea, Singapore, Italy, Malaysia, Iran, UK, Thailand, Japan, South Africa, U.A.E., and much more. Thus, various clients are placing orders for the requirements of these products and so we have started supplying our ranges to following targeted areas:

Domestic Market :
In India : West-Bengal, Haryana, Assam, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar-Pradesh, Andhra-Pradesh, Kerala, Madhya-Pradesh, Punjab, Tamil-Nadu, Himachal-Pradesh, Jammu-&-Kashmir, etc.

International Market :
UK : Bath, Exeter, Canterbury, Armagh, Durham, Coventry, Bradford, Cambridge, Aberdeen, Derby, Chichester, Bangor, Birmingham, Hereford, Bristol, Gloucester, Brighton-and-Hove, Ely, Carlisle, Chester, etc.

Middle East : Israel, Turkey, Syria, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar, Cyprus, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia, Bahrain, United-Arab-Emirates, etc.

Asian Developing Countries : Bhutan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Japan, Thailand, Georgia, Azerbaijan, India, South, Timor-Leste, Korea, Malaysia, Brunei, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Armenia, Pakistan, Singapore, China, Maldives, Sri-Lanka, Kazakhstan, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, Philippines, Uzbekistan, etc.

Russia : Achinsk, Abinsk, Agryz, Abakan, Akhtubinsk, Alapayevsk, Ak-Dovurak, Alagir, Abdulino, Agidel, Abaza, Adygeysk, Aksay, etc.

South Africa : Port-Elizabeth, Cape-Town, Bloemfontein, Vereeniging, Johannesburg, Newcastle, Soweto, East-London, Durban, Welkom, Tembisa, Boksburg, Benoni, Pretoria, Pietermaritzburg, etc.

Technical Specifications

Finepac Types Surface Area (SQ.m./CU.m.) F-Factor No. of Theoretical stages per meter ht. (NTSM)*
1.25 L/M 125 3.5 1
1.70 L 170 3 1.5
2.00 L 200 2.7 2
2.50 L 250 2.2 2.3
3.50 L 350 1.8 2.8
5.00 L 500 1.5 3.8
7.50 L 700 1.2 4.5
W M 5.0 M 500 2.2 6
W M 7.5 L 750 1.5 9